Violators Motorcycle Club was formed when a group of long-time riders were brought together through family, work, and a common "live to ride" attitude. The VMC is a club of individuals strongly dedicated to the American motorcycle culture. We are a three piece patch club and we take riding and the biker lifestyle very seriously. Don't call me brother, that is earned. We strongly support the right of bikers to ride and live free. We proudly wear our colors to show this support. We choose to be respectful of a citizen’s right to live free as and let live. Our mother chapter is in the San Francisco Bay Area and we have members throughout California.

Our members value family, brotherhood and the club. We reject attempts to divide the American motorcycle club community. We reject attempts by law enforcement to brand our community as “racketeers” and criminals simply because we wear colors. We value the freedom associated with the American motorcycle lifestyle, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We’re dedicated to promoting this lifestyle and protecting these freedoms through riding and brotherhood. Our freedom - know it, protect it, or lose it. Getting involved with your local MMA or C.O.C. is a good place to start.

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